Letter from the Director

What a pleasure to present our FY2018 annual report, encapsulating our first year on NW Davis. The year surpassed expectations: on a practical level we reached an audience of 30,000, which includes 16,000 students and educators; we expanded our collecting capabilities in the archives and artifact collection; we hosted a multitude of public programs – lectures, films, discussions, music, including the partnership with PSU on the talk by Yale historian Timothy Snyder; and we offered exhibitions of local, national and international significance.

In short, we have much to be proud of and thankful for our accomplishments. Nonetheless we cannot avoid the glare of the inescapable light of history. We bear the growing immediacy of our mission and each day brings another sobering reminder of the relevance of OJMCHE’s work; a feeling that grows more urgent each day. Museum visitors bring it up all the time, sometimes asking of us, “what can I do?” And what is our answer? That we do and must keep doing just what you have created this museum for: to nurture a safe space in which visitors can find the relief provided by scholarly distance and the consolations offered by the intimacy of authentic human experience.

For those of us who heard Timothy Snyder speak last spring, he reminded us that authoritarianism always begins with the advance obedience of the thoughtless and the disorientation of the thoughtful. At OJMCHE we empower visitors to avoid such thoughtlessness. With our historical memory intact, we shall never forget the experience of the past. And we do this, as always, by telling stories: stories help us understand where we have come from, and stories help us wrestle with the major dilemmas of our time so that we all can create a future in which human dignity will play a greater role than ever. Despite these tumultuous times, so much of our work at the museum is life affirming and immensely gratifying. Thank you for your support. Here’s to another momentous year.

With gratitude,

Judy Margles

Museum Director

Our Mission

The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education explores the legacy of the Jewish experience in Oregon and teaches the universal lessons of the Holocaust. Through exhibitions, programs, educational resources, and opportunities for intercultural conversation, OJMCHE challenges our visitors to resist indifference and discrimination and to envision a just and inclusive world.


Judy Margles, Director

Palma Corral, Administrator

Anne LeVant Prahl, Curator of Collections

Becca Biggs, Communications Manager

Amanda Solomon, Manager of Museum and Holocaust Education

Alisha Babbstein, Archivist

Heather Brunner, Administrative Coordinator

Cheyenne McClain, Educator

Megan Harned, Education Coordinator

Beth Shreve, Guest Services

Amber Kurson, Digital Coordinator

Mariel Pitti, Museum Shop Manager

Amy Timshel, Linda Mann, Megan Harned, Brittany Cathey-Adams, Weekend Guest Services

Tsarra Berger, Lefty's Café Manager

Hillary Cantu, Lefty's Café

FY2018 Board of Directors

Elaine Coughlin, President

Ruth Roth, Treasurer

Barbara Atlas, Secretary

John Laursen, Vice President

David Newman, Past President

Yvonne Gionet

Peter Glade

Kenneth Helphand

Deborah Herzberg

Lesley Isenstein

Jeff Mazer

Andrea Meyer

Barry Pelzner

Steve Reinisch

Charles Robinowitz

Madelle Rosenfeld

Howard Temkin

Peter Wigmore

Linda Veltman

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As we celebrate our first anniversary in our new home OJMCHE thanks our community for their on-going support. Your contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated as we work together to make a great Jewish institution thrive for many years to come.