Holocaust Resources

Local Community and Teaching Resources

We are fortunate in Oregon to have a number of Holocaust educators to support the work of teachers and students.  There are also resources for survivors and descendants of survivors. Additionally, many online resources exist to help you learn more about the history of the Holocaust. The lists and links below represent some of these resources.

Local Communities and Resources

If you or a family member are a survivor or the child of a survivor you can find services through some of the local agencies listed here.  We've also listed various area agencies that are committed to social justice or Holocaust awareness.

  • Next Generations Group- Comprised of descendants of Holocaust survivors and refugees, war heroes, and supporters who want to keep the story and lessons alive and relevant. The Next Generations Group meets monthly for social and educational programs, community projects, and more.  If you are interested in joining, please email our Next Generations Group coordinator at diana2504@msn.com.
  • Oregon Holocaust Survivors, Refugees, and Families (OHSRAF) is a unified, living voice of those most directly affected by the Holocaust and who have volunteered to participate on this steering committee. Its purpose is to create and implement projects and events dedicated to, and in remembrance of, their families and the many millions who perished; to provide emotional support for one another; and to serve as a reminder and protector of the message "Never Again!" 
  • Friends of the Memorial are a group of people dedicated to maintaining the Oregon Holocaust Memorial and its legacy in the state.

National and International Educational Resources

Below you will find a list of online resources that will give you an overview of Holocaust history as well as help you and your students learn about the diversity of peoples and cultures that suffered during World War II.  This resource list is updated frequently as more educational resources become available. 

Contact us at education@ojmche.org with further questions.

  • Porajmos- a project with Yahad In Unum and Roma Dignity to document the Roma and Gypsy genocide during World War II.
  • Yahad in Unum documents the geographical massacre sites of Jewish and Roma people in the former Soviet Union.

Genealogical Resources