Lottie Hirsch Goodwin (1916-2006)

Lottie Hirsch Goodwin was born in Kahlso Baden, Germany, on November 20, 1916, the third child of Heinrich and Jenny Hirsch. It was a wealthy family. Heinrich owned a factory that made military uniforms for the First World War and, after the war, for the railroad and postal service. As the Nazi’s rose to power, each of the Hirsch children were sent abroad when they turned 21, in order to have more educational opportunities than they could have as Jews in Germany. Her brother went to the United States in 1937 and very soon it became apparent that Lottie would have to leave Europe as well. She arrived in the United States in 1938. Her father was only able to get a visa to emigrate to Cuba and spent two years there before joining the family in the United States. He settled in Fresno, California. Lottie’s mother went into hiding in France for several years until the war ended and she was able to join the family in the United States.

Lottie married Alfred Goodwin, whom she had known also in Germany before the war, in 1947 at Temple Beth Israel in Portland, Oregon. They lived in Portland and then in Salt Lake City, Utah for many years before returning to Portland in 1966. They had one daughter, Helen. Lottie was active in the National Council of Jewish Women both in Salt Lake City and Portland all of her life.